Life Without Religion

I really wish I wasn’t an atheist.  It would be totally necessary if we lived in a culture like the Piraha.

Tell me again why misionary work is good!

[via GrrlMeetsWorld]

4 Responses to Life Without Religion

  1. Shamelessly Atheist says:

    Well! He’s back! Long time no see!

    This vid is a great refutation of Pascal’s Wager in its various manifestations on the net. What does one have to lose by believing? Answer: Everything. There is only one life to live and we have to make it count while we’re around to experience it, and to live this one and only life we have any real knowledge of based on false beliefs is nothing short of tragic.

  2. […] original sin. How can one possibly be truly happy living under such oppressive belief? My friend The Atheist Next Door put up a great video on why Pascal’s Wager (in any and all of its forms we see on the […]

  3. dr. wasudeo says:

    i cannot agree more than the author. presance of god is our imagination and belief. even if he is there, he has no time to run individual life. are there seperate hell and heavens for christians, hindus, muslims, buddhists, jews, tribals and large world of animal kingdom and vegetable kingdom.

    it is afact that even vegetable kingdom has non vegetarien taste like in pitcher plants and parasites like orchids. do monkeys, ants, worms, flys, lions, elephants too have different heavens and hells?.

    we are learning more and more about universe and life sciences. we can defy and create deaths. heart surgeries, implants, artificial joints and body parts, tooth implants and many such things have no relegious answers. submarines, nuclear bombs, aircrafts, explosives, alloys, plastics have no mention in relegious scriptures.

    weak minds need to be believers. in all relegions there is provision for penance and escaping ultiment punishments.

    relegions are simply faith abd devotion. it does not help survival or freedom from suffering.

  4. gary says:

    In my fiftys finally having the courage to question that which no one dared to question my whole life,the existence of God. My working class poor family with 4 kids pinched pennies in order to spend thousands on a full 12 year catholic education for my brother and I. Now my brother, an alcoholic and living with my parents, and me married, are both underemployed partially due to current economy in Michigan. Sometimes I wonder if the money my parents spent on ensuring we would get to heaven, wouldn’t have been better spent on a college education.

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